Digital Age University: the future of Education is online

Digital Age University: the future of Education is online

· Online learning is the future of education and the rise of new technologies is bringing many advantages for students of different ages, providing a new flexibility, the maximamization of the learning experience and the opportunity of global connection and interaction

martes 21 de diciembre de 2021, 18:38h

During the pandemic technology supports people to continue their studies and access to education, enriching their learning experience and showing different ways to improve or get new knowledge and skills. The flexible schedule of the online programs offers unique and personalized opportunities to students and professionals who want to build, improve or change their career . Although you have a full time or a part time job, you can pursue studies in some area of your interest with the freedom to learn from whichever place you like and at whatever time you want.

Technology is definitely changing the expectations about the learning experience and digital tools are now considered crucial to improve the student journey.

Taking into consideration the impact of new technologies on the global education development, Digital Age University has developed an innovative online education methods able to personalize the student experience and get effective results through a direct interaction with faculty and peers.

The master programs offered by the institution responds to the needs of the digital age students providing the skills required by the digital economy and the technological disruption.

Students at Digital Age University can benefit from an effective method based on operational efficiency and learning innovation: personalized career coach, an interactive environment with dedicated facuty and tutors and Artificial Intelligence tools supporting students to achieve the best outcomes.

Based in Barcelona, the European start-up city internationally recognised as a leading tech hub, Digital Age University belongs to a growing educational group, investing in technology, innovation and education research and employability. Born as an education start-up, the institution is now attracting the interest of global companies and multinationals interested to invest in education to improve their human capital. The global success of Digital University is based on retention and employability, student success, on time graduation and the capacity to provide innovative and responsive teaching and learning experience.

In 2022 the University is planning to expand its operation in Latin America and Asia that are currently facing the technology challenges and need concrete actions to mitigate and reverse the learning losses generated by the education pandemic crisis.

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