Chickey Chik NFT launch referral program powered by Gamepay Marketplace

Chickey Chik NFT launch referral program powered by Gamepay Marketplace

· Registered Gamepay customers can start earning from Chickey Chik by referring their friends and family. The program rewards referrers with a lucrative 20% commission in USDT on purchases

viernes 27 de mayo de 2022, 16:50h

In the lead-up to the much-anticipated pre-sale of Chickey Chik NFTs, registered Gamepay users can access their referral code from the Gamepay site and start sharing their unique referral link straight away. The Gamepay marketplace is the first of its kind for blockchain-enabled NFT play-to-earn games. It is the ideal destination for creators, developers, gamers, and the wider community to get a stake in the emerging metaverse. Gamepay marketplace offers all the capabilities of other exchanges with added benefits.

The earning potential for Chickey Chik fans is vast. “The referral program is just one opportunity to help the community realize the full potential of the platform. Referrers do not need to make a purchase; they simply share the link and look forward to receiving instant rewards when their referees make a purchase.” cites Daniel Santos (CEO Gamepay)

Gamepay, one of the world's first fully customizable NFT marketplace, enables its users to easily purchase Chickey Chik's rarest Chikys, land, and various other items as NFTs using their credit cards. Hence, increasing the accessibility of rare CHIKY NFTs to a broader user audience.

The Chickey Chik Referral program is currently active and one can claim their way to earning a 20% commission by registering using Wallet/Email on www.gamepay.sg/.

Chickey Chik’s Pre-Sale event is due to go live soon. To win a place on the Whitelist, register your interest at chickeychik.com.

Gamepay offers game creators the tools and infrastructure they need to create multiverses and communities, as well as a platform to launch and reach gamers all over the world. Gamepay is developing a new economic model that will allow self-sustaining and growing fluid 'digital communities to create value in the digital world and the new metaverse by minting, trading, and exchanging digital assets. Chickey Chik is the inaugural P2E game on the platform.

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