Diario actualizado de economía y finanzas - International Journal of Economics & Finance    20 de septiembre de 2019

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A new workforce for the new economy: Achieving a major improvement in the quality of education

· Economy growth in the Far East creates favourable conditions for human capital development

The revision cycle for technological solutions in complicated operations is 2–3 years. We strive to organize our work for the next three years in such a way that we have a training programme planned and executed. This is a fairly big challenge,” Alexey Ponomarenko, Head of Engineering Competencies Development Office, Rosatom Academy.


Improvement of national jurisdiction and protection of the rights of investors

· “The international integration of law is very important,” said Elena Bezdenezhnykh, Vice President for Regional Policy and Government and Administration Relations, RUSAL

The economy is developing through projects. Now we have no legislation related to project management. Many legislative and regulatory acts are difficult to read as they are fragmented and mutually exclusive, and they duplicate the functions of legislation in the federal executive branch and in localities,” Elena Bezdnezhnykh, Vice President for Regional Policy and Government and Administration Relations, RUSAL.

· For more information, visit to the Roscongress Foundation’s Information and Analytical System roscongress.org/en.


Roscongress Foundation Signed a Trilateral Cooperation Agreement with the Governor of the Nenets Autonomous Area and the Association of Lawyers of Russia

· The agreement’s objective is to expand investment opportunities, develop the export potential of the region and support its socially significant projects

On 4 September 2019, at the Eastern Economic Forum, the Roscongress Foundation and the Association of Lawyers of Russia signed a trilateral agreement on cooperation with the administration of the Nenets Autonomous Area. Chairman of the Board and CEO of the Roscongress Foundation Alexander Stuglev, Managing Director and Chief of Staff, member of the board of ALRF Stanislav Alexandrov and Governor of the Nenets Autonomous Area Alexander Tsybulsky signed the agreement.

Official website of the EEF: www.forumvostok.ru


The ‘RС Investments’ Investment Promotion Foundation Signs Cooperation Agreements with the constituent members of the Far Eastern Federal District

· Alexander Shatirov also said that the foundation can draw up recommendations and facilitate the subsequent selection of promising regional projects with a view to their potential promotion among Russian and international investors

On 5 September at the Eastern Economic Forum the ‘RC Investments’ Investment Promotion Foundation signed three cooperation agreements under which it will facilitate the promotion by constituent members of the Far Eastern Federal District of promising regional investment and export projects in the domestic and foreign markets. Agreements with the ANO Amur Region Investment Promotion Agency, the ANO Khabarovsky Krai Investment and Development Agency, and Zabaikalsky Krai Development Corporation will help raise funds from Russian and international organizations for specific regional projects, and facilitate the constituent entities of the Russian Federation in their work to address key social issues.