The 13 th Europe-Ukraine Forum – 4 th and 5 th of February

The 13 th Europe-Ukraine Forum – 4 th and 5 th of February

· This year’s Forum is organized under the ‘New opportunities, old threats’ motto

miércoles 15 de enero de 2020, 11:08h

The turn of January and February is traditionally the time when the Europe-Ukraine Forum takes place in Rzeszów. It will be no different this year, when international group of guests from Poland, Ukraine, as well as from other European and non-European countries will discuss the future of Ukraine for the thirteenth time already.


This year’s Forum is organized under the ‘New opportunities, old threats’ motto. Since 2007, it has been one of the key events organised by the Institute for Eastern Studies. The forum’s main focus will amongst many include the questions related to the continuation of the reforms and modernization of Ukraine in the face of new administration selected during the presidential and parliamentary elections. Poorly visible effects of reforms, economic instability and widespread scarcity have caused dissatisfaction in the Ukrainian society and, as a consequence, the defeat of the previous ruling camp. The Ukrainian society therefore has
very high expectations from the newly selected authorities. The question now remains: what will be the policies pursued by new authorities and will Ukraine fully capitalise on the opportunities offered by cooperation with the European Union and NATO? What next steps should Kiev and its Western partners undertake to ensure the country’s continuous development and deepening integration with the European and Euro-Atlantic structures?

The debates of the 2020 Europe-Ukraine Forum will focus on the key issues related to the modernization and development of Ukraine’s economic potential as well as the opportunities for inter-regional cooperation with partners from Poland and other European countries. The conditions for the building of modern territorial self-government and civil society will also be considered. The issues of Ukraine’s security from the perspective of European and global geopolitical relations will also be discussed.

The Forum will be attended by over 800 participants from Poland, Ukraine, EU member states as well as the United States of America. They will focus on the challenges faced by the entire European community involved in the Ukrainian issue. Among them there will be representatives of governments, politics, diplomacy, business, local governments, EU institutions, international organizations as well as think tanks and expert circles. Over 50 discussion panels have been planned and will focus on economic, political and social issues.

Traditionally, the Carpathian Europe of Shared Values Award will be granted during the Forum. In the recent years, its laureates included: Jerzy Hoffman, Oleg Sencow, Jan Malicki and Ihor Tsependa.

One of the accompanying events of the 13th Europe-Ukraine Forum will include the 4th Eastern Fair. Companies that will present themselves to the Forums’ participants will represent many industries, including IT and new technologies, finance, insurance, construction, automotive, aviation and tourism. The Fair will give entrepreneurs from both sides of the border a chance to exchange experiences, but above all the opportunity to establish new business connections. Admission to the Easter Fair is free for Forum’s visitors.

The 2 nd Slovak Forum will also be held during the running of the Europe-Ukraine Forum. On February 5 th , its participants will have a chance to talk about opportunities and perspectives for the cooperation with the second of the South-Eastern borderland countries – Slovakia. The Slovak Forum is a response to the rapidly developing relations between Poland and Slovakia.

Participants will therefore discuss issues related to cross-border exchange, energy security, challenges in education or transport, and finally tourism and cultural exchange.


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