UDIMA and MIA Digital University close an agreement for executive training

UDIMA and MIA Digital University close an agreement for executive training

  • New professional work models include innovative and cutting-edge organizational formats that go beyond the academic knowledge possessed by executives and professional candidates

domingo 21 de marzo de 2021, 09:15h

For some time now, very complete profiles that incorporate knowledge and multidisciplinary and technical tasks, such as remote task organization, teleworking, and skills for teamwork or conflict resolution, prevail by recruiting companies. Gone are those days when the most that was required of an economist or an engineer was knowledge of English. Then he moved on to MBAs or postgraduate degrees. All this is already taken for granted: candidates are now required prepared as soldiers, willing to work in extreme or crisis situations and in which effective teamwork is a priority. Now, MIA Digital University and UDIMA (Universidad a Distancia de Madrid) have just reached an agreement to reinforce their training offers for active managers.

To meet this new professional framework, MIA - Digital University, an internationally recognized business school, is offering master's degrees and executive training courses that respond to the new demands of the labor market, providing students with digital skills and competencies necessary to develop a career. of success in various professional sectors.

The mission of this modern University is to educate the new generation of millennial students, offering innovative programs and an online study experience based on innovative methodologies and technological tools that are precisely what they will use in current professional environments.

The Master and Certificate programs in Business, Marketing, Fashion and Computer Science are aimed at young people and professionals who wish to develop a global vision of business, of the main emerging economic sectors and of the application of digital technologies and systems to the environment of modern enterprise.

Located in Barcelona, ​​in the 22 @ district, one of the most ambitious urban renewal projects in the world, the University is part of a vibrant community of research and training centers, startups and technology companies that are part of the five « technological cluster »dedicated to information technology and the biomedical, design and energy sectors.

In this context, the institution develops its research activity on teaching and learning methodologies to offer its students an innovative and interactive educational experience that allows them to achieve their professional and personal goals quickly and efficiently. All university teachers and managers collaborate in the design of training programs, choosing active teaching and learning tools and promoting the practical application of knowledge and the achievement of results.

A flexible and customizable study model that meets the demands of young and adult students and professionals who must reconcile study with their work activity. The “MIA University Campus” study platform, also accessible through the Talent LMS app, offers the possibility of studying at any time and from anywhere, guaranteeing comprehensive, flexible and sustainable training.

As workplaces are becoming more globally-minded, companies are seeking employees who speak multiple languages and are able to explore new business opportunities and operations overseas. Being fluent in two or more languages opens up the door to a variety of job opportunities and allow you to increase your salary between 10 and 15%. This is why MIA Digital University offers all its students the possibility to access to interactive online language programs, preparing them to advance in their language level and to be more competitive in the globla marketplace. These courses has been developed in collaboration with teachers and researchers in Neuroscience, Entertainment Learning and Online Pedagogy to offer an immersive and engaging experience designed meet every student’s needs.

Thanks to their links with the business world and their collaboration with Spanish and international institutions, they offer excellent training that allows them to achieve the key competencies to hold management positions in European and multinational companies.

MIA Digital University has also established an ambitious agreement with UDIMA-Universidad a Distancia de Madrid, offering a master's degree with its own degree in English, Italian and Spanish. Thanks to the agreement signed by both institutions, all students enrolled in the university's programs will benefit from a double degree endorsed by both institutions, obtaining a certification of international validity.

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