Rocker launches Rocker Touch, first biometric payment card in Sweden

Rocker launches Rocker Touch, first biometric payment card in Sweden

· The Swedish banking challenger Rocker is teaming up with IDEMIA to launch biometric payment cards. With fingerprint sensor from IDEX Biometrics, Rocker becomes first in Sweden and one of the first in the world to deploy biometric cards to consumers

miércoles 02 de marzo de 2022, 09:47h

As a bank challenger, we are constantly testing new technology to develop smarter financial services that are easier to use and that help our customers improve their everyday financial lives. Launching Rocker Touch is part of our strategy to offer smart and secure payment solutions across platforms, whether you wish to pay with your mobile, a card or with a transfer”, said Andreas Norberg, VP Save & Spend at Rocker.

Tens of thousands consumers around the globe have beta tested biometric cards with a customer satisfaction of up to 95 percent. In a global market survey* 76 percent of consumers are interested in using contactless for high value payments and 81 percent are ready to use their fingerprints to authenticate instead of PIN code.

“Rocker leads the field among Swedish FinTechs in terms of innovation and with Rocker Touch we are revolutionizing and simplifying the way our customers authorize their payments. This premium product will be offered as a new service in our comprehensive and growing offering of retail financial services that are easier to use, more flexible and better priced”, said Andreas Norberg.

“At IDEMIA, we’re proud to partner with Rocker to bring ever-more innovative solutions to shape the future of payments. These partnerships embody our commitment to providing secured and trusted technologies to our customers. These cards allow authorizing payments via a fingerprint sensor embedded into the card. Biometric data is securely stored in the chip and never leaves the card. In addition to making our means of payment more secure, customers would also be able to pay contactless whatever the amount of the transaction”, said Aaron Davis, SVP Europe Region, Financial Institutions.

“This groundbreaking solution meets customer needs by bringing additional convenience and peace of mind. The biometric payment card is certified by Visa and Mastercard and Rocker Touch will work seamlessly with any payment terminal. We are pleased to work with Rocker and IDEMIA to contribute to smarter and more secure card payments and as trailblazers for this innovative technology”, said Catharina Eklöf, Chief Commercial Officer at IDEX Biometrics.

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